European Conference

1 European Conference was successfully organized in Portugal by CECOA with close collaboration of all project partners, national and internationals.

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96 participants attended the EU Conference focused the dissemination of Neets at Risk Methodology; the Guide “Model for EARLY identification, INDIVIDUALIZED targeting and TAILORED intervention for young people at risk of NEET” and impact of the project.

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The event helped to let the general public know the final results and conclusions of the project. It took place in Lisbon on June, 29th 2017. Organizations and individuals related to or interested in the phenomenon of NEETS joined the gathering.

The event followed the planned agenda:



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After the welcome and related formalities, the technical part of the EU Conference started with a presentation of the NEETS at Risk Project, which content is available in the following documents:

Neets at Risk-Presentation-Portuguese_version

Neets at Risk-Presentation-English_version

The presentation of the “NEETS at Risk Model” was also disseminated, along with a summary of the “Guide for Social Inclusion and Development of Local Partnerships for Employability”.



Other very valuable sections in the agenda tackled the information contained in the following presentations:

Teresa_Espassandim_OPP-_Como Melhorar o Capital Social dos Jovens em Risco de NEET

Paula_Mendes_Associação Mais Cidadania-Como_Melhorar_o_Capital_Social_dos_Jovens_em_Risco_de_NEET




Marcelo_Fonseca-Nestlé Portugal-Aliança_para_a_Juventude_na_Europa


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