National seminars

Portugal, Spain and Italy have hosted a national seminar, respectively, aimed at presenting the results achieved so far, namely: the Guidelines for Early Detection of Potential NEETs and Identification of Preventive Intervention Measures and the Methodology of Individualized Targeting and Tailored Intervention Amongst Potential NEETS. The event has been targeted at stakeholders and project beneficiaries.


1 National seminar was organized in Portugal have been successfully organised by CECOA, Junta de Freguesia de Alcântara and UCP – CEPCEP in 10, November – 2016.

95 participants attended the national seminar in Portugal, focused of sharing good practices; discussing how the methodology was applied in Portugal and how can be sustainable after the project intervention; presenting the preliminary impact and the exploration results of the testing phase among Portuguese beneficiaries.

foto national seminar 1


It was organized on 26, April-2017, with the participation of Secondary Education and Adult Education institutions along with local administrations with competences in VET and employment, having gathered 32 attendees. It served to present the final project results achieved up to then and some other experiences combating early drop-outs.



The National Seminar was organized by CPV in October, 2017, with the participation of several schools and Education institutions. Most of the attendees are currently coordinating guidance projects in partnership with public and private organisations and participate in many initiatives to prevent early school leaving.

national seminar in italy2