Focus groups

Throughout the project lifetime, its ongoing results were subject to revision and validation by third parties, characterized by a sound profile in the field of NEETS, VET and Employment in the geographical areas of Portugal, Spain and Italy, as long as the outputs were meant to be implemented in these territories.


3 Focus Groups were successfully organized in Portugal by Junta de Freguesia de Alcântara in 28, May – 2015; 13, October – 2016 and 26, September – 2017.

24 participants attended the 3 focus groups meetings in Portugal, having representatives of several entities, namely: CINEL; Escola Francisco de Arruda); FAM – Teatro Umano; GEBALIS; Escola Secundária de Fonseca Benevides; IEFP-Institute of Employment and Vocational Training; Projeto Alkantara; PSP-Polícia de Segurança Pública.

foto focus group3rd networking session in JFA



The Focus Groups in Spain were successfully organised by Fundación Metal Asturias in October-2015 and in November and December of 2016, with a total participation of 17 attendees.
Representatives of the Government of the Principality of Asturias (namely: the General Directorate for Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning, the Public Service of Employment, the Asturian Institute for Childcare and the Observatory of Childhood and Adolescence), the Second Chance School of Gijón and the Cultural Association “Mar de Niebla” for Social Action got together to get an insight into the project and the pecularities of NEETs as identified in the first steps in the project development.