The «Methodology of Individualized Targeting and Tailored Intervention with potential NEETs» is a combination of six different documents: the first two are focused on the guidelines and the application of the pilot project itself, whereas the other four concern working tools of the intervention.

The English version offers the overall documents, whereas the Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ones have to be regarded as short versions.


Guidelines for the application of the pilot project in partners’ countries

Application of the Pilot Project

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions for Employability and Transition from VET to Work

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions for Work Experience Opportunities

Preparation of Staff to Apply the Pilot Testing and the Measures Foreseen in the Methodology

Results of the Application of the Pilot Project in Partners Countries


Orientações para a aplicação do projeto-piloto nos países parceiros

Empregabilidade e transição do mundo escolar/EFP para o mundo do trabalho

Sessões de mentoring e coaching: proporcionar oportunidades de experiência profissional


Pautas para la Implementación del Proyecto

Aplicación del Proyecto Piloto – Fase de Implementación

Sesiones Mentoring-Coaching Para Empleabilidad Y Transición Al Empleo


Linee Guida Applicazione Progetto Pilota

Applicazione Progetti Pilotanei Paesi Partner

Sessioni Mentoring Coaching Occupabilita Transizione Tra Scuola Formazione Lavoro