The “Guidelines for Early Identification of Youngsters and Preventive Measures with a Local Perspective”, in its full version, describes the current situation of NEETs in Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy, and depicts the best practices identified in all countries involved. As result, the main features and risks factors surrounding NEETs, as well as the consequences of reaching this status, are pointed out.

The English version offers the overall document, whereas the Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ones have to be regarded as short versions.

Guidelines for Early Identification of Youngerster and Preventive Measures with a Local Perspective


Orientaçoes para una identifiçao PRECOCE de jovens em risco de NEET


Pautas para la Identificación Temprana de Jóvenes en Riesgo y de Medidas Preventivas desde una Perspectiva Local-versión reducida


Linee guida per l’individuazione precoce dei giovani a rischio di diventare NEET e individuazione di possibili interventi preventive che tengano conto delle specificità locali